Thursday, July 22, 2010

be happy

The most exciting news that should be blogged about first is the arrival of our
Kage Richmond Johnson
June 3 4:38 pm 7lbs 9oz 19 3/4in
He is so stinking cute! He is seven weeks old now and such a blessing. I can say he is a good baby too. Must be used to hearing his brothers scream, fight, cry and throw their fits as a 2 and 4 year old do because he just sleeps right through it. Kaleb and Koyer just adore their new brother. I am grateful. As rough as life can get sometimes, our boys are a huge reminder of just how blessed we are.
Seriously, family is everything.
With that said, most of our friends are so wonderful that we consider them family too. I know we are spoiled in having so many great people in our life.
Justin and I have learned a lot on our journey together. I'm very happy that I get to share these life experiences with him...the good and the bad. Some may look at our life right now and all that has been happening and think wow, when it rains, it pours. It does. But good thing, I HEART rain. (not personally driving in it though...don't like the whole hydroplaning and feeling no control part...which happened twice I might add just this month. Once on my way to Utah -locked up my breaks even and once on my way home from Utah.) With all the hardship, we have been blessed beyond what words can describe. Is life still a struggle? Sure. But everyday, in some way, we are reminded just how much our Heavenly Father loves each of us.

live simply
love generously
care deeply
speak kindly
leave the rest
to god

Hopefully to come soon: baby details, vacation posts, birthday fun and PICTURES!

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jake and jenni said...

I love your testrimony!
You just made me tear up.
You are so right.
Family is everything.
{and loving rain isn;t so bad either!
You are such a great example to me! Thank you!