Sunday, February 28, 2010

Food, Family and Fun

No pictures...I know, boring. I have been terrible about getting them off the camera onto the computer. Hopefully soon though. Life is busy as usual. My latest project has been invitations for the Relief Society Meeting (no longer called enrichment) I am lucky to plan. So many options has been my only problem. It will be a great night no matter can you go wrong ending the evening with a chocolate fountain, right?! Thanks mom for all your help!

Yesterday, my niece Riann had her first birthday party. I got to make her cake or I should say her super huge cupcake. It turned out so cute. Her party colors were pink and brown. So of course a chocolate cake with pink frosting and edible glitter I might add. At one point she was leaning over it with her face in this huge cupcake. Thanks for letting me borrow the pan Kir. It was such a hit. She was a mess. The boys had fun playing at the park and digging in the sand with Riann.

We also had a family thank you dinner at el zocalo mexican grill in Chandler. Yum! It was a thank you dinner for all the help and support my family has been this first year as a business owner. I know, one year already?! For our annual meeting, we are going to celebrate (and discuss business of course) at Ruth's Chris Steak House. An even bigger YUM there. Thank you all who have shown your support. I still have lots to learn and plenty of room to grow.

Speaking of growing, that is what my midsection is definitely doing! I have only 3 months left!! It has been the roughest of my three pregnancies, but hasn't been too bad. I enjoy getting beat up from the inside out. My niece Adyson told me tonight that I'm getting big. I feel big. Good thing it just usually means a strong and healthy baby...or I keep telling myself that.

Life has dealt it's fair share of ups and downs. I am just thankful to have a loving, supportive husband and two handsome boys. Truly family is one of the greatest blessing. I am so grateful for mine.

Story time: Kaleb has become a great little prayer giver. I don't think there is a night that goes by that he either makes us laugh or cry or usually both. Right now when he prays he usually just tells Heavenly Father what he is thankful for. What a great reminder to close a day of everything we should be more thankful for...even if it is our games, letters, shapes or whatever else he has on his mind. He helps us focus on the positive.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Koyster

Our handsome lil boy is getting so big. Next month he'll be two! He is such a boy. We love listening to him try to talk. He can be so rough but other times a little love bug. When you ask him to smile or say cheese for the camera you get this face. Makes us laugh every time.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monkey Time

Last week we had both boys home sick with ear infections and bronchitis...yuck! Even though the nights were rough, they still proved to be our silly monkeys during the day. They were troopers being stuck at home most, if not all day long. Here's to a new week with healthier boys and more sleep...I hope.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

First Picture

Here is a post I put together but never posted. So finally here it is a few weeks after the fact. We had our first ultrasound! It went really well. Baby looks healthy and on schedule (a little bigger than to date but not enough to change the estimated due date...we make strong healthy babies). My due date is June 10th but I deliver about two weeks it looks like the end of May sometime. Well see when I'm further along what dates the Dr. gives me.

Oh...we are having a BOY! That makes boy number three! So it's me with all my boys and keeps me as the aunt with all nieces. My youngest is a rough say the I'm happy for a boy. Although I had a lot of PINK wishers and a few that just KNEW it was a girl, it was always in my mind (and my pink wishers') that it was going to be a boy. Uncle Zeke and my oldest son Kaleb were on the blue team from the start.

We are excited and look forward to the crazy life of three rough and tough boys!
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