Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Fun

This weekend we had the chance to attend our ward BBQ. We had tons of fun. Besides great food, which Kaleb refused to eat...he's on one of those picky eating phases. As you might be able to see (in the dark pics), he is sure loving his delicious cupcake...well, mostly the frosting. I was so happy to find BROWNIES! I'm crazy for brownies with weakness ;) Kaleb got to swing and play in the sand. Luckily we didn't have to experience another SAND BATH with him. He tried playing in the bounce house but it was over run by "the big kids." Big kids and little kids don't mix so well in a bouncy house. Kaleb and Justin got to participate in a water balloon fight. Justin was first to get wet. Kaleb mostly threw them to the ground to watch them burst. Kaleb loves water. But when Justin broke one over his head, he was so upset and gave us the cutest pout face ever. It was one of those melt your heart, frown along, want to fix it faces. He still keeps telling me "papa get me," as he pats the top of his head. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family moments!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

Thursday we took the opportunity to visit Great Grandma Madge and Uncle Auggie. The boys had so much fun. Koyer really enjoyed sitting, laughing and talking to grandma. Kaleb colored and snacked.

Friday the boys and I went to grandma and grandpa's house. My mom and Ainsleigh were home preparing for all our Friday Fun. Kyla and Josh flew down. It was nice to have the WHOLE family together for dinner...we even had the Elders there to join in our craziness. For those that know us well...we love our FOOD. We had chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, beans and of course fried ice cream. YUMMO!

Sat-ur-day is a spec-ial day...sing along if you like. My dad made delicious omelets. They are usually a Christmas morning tradition but we will be at Disneyland...I so can't wait! Even though mine was ham less (I get extra next time, right dad?!) it was still great. My mom, Kirsten and I went and got our CRAFT on after breakfast. Following crafting, what better thing to do then shop. We had a BBQ at the Fater's house...cheeseburgers, tots, beans and chocolate cake. Highlights: watching the gang compete in the Olympics on the Wii and the kids taking turns learning how to drive my old dream car. We had to do some grocery shopping and then the Mittons came over to play the Wii. Kyla helped me with my 1/2 birthday cake for Koyer.

Sunday was a special day. We finally had Koyer blessed. What a joy to share such a special moment with family. Justin was also set a part for his new calling, Ward Clerk Assistant. We took family pictures and spent the rest of the day here at the Johnson's. We made ham, funeral potatoes and asparagus. I attempted to make these cupcake bites I found on another awesome blog, but it didn't turn out like I had wanted. Tasted good, but not what I envisioned. We did sing Koyer Happy Half Birthday and ate the half "party" cake Kyla and I made. I made it mostly because I like the frosting. It was a weekend filled with Fun!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Busy weekend...will post again about ALL the fun. One highlight was SUPER SATURDAY which equals SUPER CUTE CRAFTS. Oh the fun we had with all our project. Can't wait to finish them up.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Green

Happy Monday! Now here in the Johnson house, the tallies have been counted. It's now GREEN BEANS 3-1. Who out there can guess which one of us is the odd one out? Obviously you see Koyer has joined the GREEN TEAM. As he displays his war paint from lunch, he is all smiles. He is becoming another photogenic child that is continuously seeing the camera. I HEART photos!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Boy

All Boy-Scrapblog Pictures, Images and Photos
All Boy-Scrapblog Pictures, Images and Photos

Fruity Pebble-icious: The Story

Still sorting through all this blogging stuff...and this is what happens! I go to check on Kaleb, who WAS watching Mickey Mouse. He shows me an empty box and says "all gone mama!" Needless to say, he emptied an ENTIRE box of Fruity Pebbles ALL over. BLESS his heart, he started eating them to help "clean up clean up" (...we sing THE song). He is such a big helper...even IF he made the mess.

Fruity Pebble-icious

All Boy-Scrapblog Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, September 4, 2008

bug bites, a rash...nope...


Our poor lil' guy has spots all over. It's been Benadryl every six hours, oatmeal baths twice a day, and we have calamine and oatmeal lotion sessions every couple hours. Just trying to keep him from being oh so itchy! Dr says 7-10 days for it to run its course. Kaleb is up to date on his shots, so hopefully he'll be in the clear.