Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Makeup Month (for being way behind)

Such a slacker! Time has come and time has it's May. I finally got the energy to grab both cameras and had intentions to do some picture sorting and posting (since I seriously haven't for months). Of course I cannot locate the camera cords. In most situations, I would just have to say Koyer and all would be understood. Or it could as well be the fact that I would miss place my brain (or whatever mushy substance that has taken over the space since being prego and chasing my two little monkeys...I guess I should say three with Justin home these days). Whatever the reason for it's disappearance, no pics.

Life has been crazy. Life has been busy. Life has been...good and bad. Still no line work for Justin. Lots of applications, emails, faxes, two trips to Cali and no luck...eight months of no luck to be exact. Don't ask about plans because at this point we just don't know. He has had a couple side jobs and now has some part time work, but it's just that part time. Enough about work...or not working.

March ended well. I was in charge of my ward's relief society birthday celebration. Those who know me well, know I love to plan stuff. So I had fun with the preparation, crafting and overall everything. Me and the boys joined my dad, Kyla and Avery for a last minute Utah getaway. It was just a short trip, but fun to leave AZ for the weekend and see family. Koyer turned two! Gramma Pat had cupcakes for him while we were up in Utah. It was a busy week during his birthday, so we just had a little party with my family. As usual, Koyer thought Amazing Jake's was pretty AMAZING. Goofy golfing, games, rides, more games and of course the oh so fun moment of the night...picking out prizes from all the tickets won. I think we all made it out of there without any of the little ones crying over the prizes or lack of prizes.

April was a busy fountain month. April was a busy somebody is sick AGAIN month. Seriously the worst few months with health here at the Johnson's. It seems like every other week someone was sick-ear infections (or double), bronchitis, sore throat, allergies (with gunky eyes), fevers and more fevers, runny/stuffy noses, coughing plus antibiotics, medications, humidifiers, warm baths, cool fever patches...and the best solution: cuddle time, pjs (not that I need an excuse to stay in comfy clothes all day), lots of hugs and kisses. Last week Kaleb had a fever, so I figure we are off the hook this week. Can't say too much about next week though. Justin turned 30. I like to give him a hard time about it. Easter was great. Went to an Easter Egg Hunt at the park with my family (not sure why I always mention that...most everything we do is with my family...what can I say, we like to have fun together). Spent Easter at my parent's house - food and fun. I think the boys have super sonic sugar sniffers. No matter where I hid their candy, I would find them with it chowing down. What can you do?!

May is here. Lots of stuff on the calendar already. Adyson and Ainsleigh had an early birthday party at bounce u with school friends. The kids had SO MUCH FUN. Koyer threw a fit all day because he just loved the bounce houses and was upset we weren't there any more. Avery even had a good time bouncing around and playing with balloons. Besides birthday month for the girls, hopefully it will be baby month too. My body says ouch to me every day. Dr visits every week The end is in site, as well as the beginning of a new journey of parenthood. We are anxious and excited. Well, not too much about May yet so I have something to write about later on (hopefully again in May).

Lessons learned: Enjoy what makes you happy. For us, we enjoy being together and all together with family. Even though life my be stressful, remember what matters most.

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jake and jenni said...

I love it.
You are a busy lady.
fo sure.
I am so glad you commented on my blog so I could have your blog address.
(even thought you have given it to me several times!)
I hope Kage makes his arrival soon.