Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Fun

This weekend we had the chance to attend our ward BBQ. We had tons of fun. Besides great food, which Kaleb refused to eat...he's on one of those picky eating phases. As you might be able to see (in the dark pics), he is sure loving his delicious cupcake...well, mostly the frosting. I was so happy to find BROWNIES! I'm crazy for brownies with weakness ;) Kaleb got to swing and play in the sand. Luckily we didn't have to experience another SAND BATH with him. He tried playing in the bounce house but it was over run by "the big kids." Big kids and little kids don't mix so well in a bouncy house. Kaleb and Justin got to participate in a water balloon fight. Justin was first to get wet. Kaleb mostly threw them to the ground to watch them burst. Kaleb loves water. But when Justin broke one over his head, he was so upset and gave us the cutest pout face ever. It was one of those melt your heart, frown along, want to fix it faces. He still keeps telling me "papa get me," as he pats the top of his head. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family moments!


Devan, Christofer, & Radley said...

Kat! It was so fun to hear from you and be able to see your cute family and what you've been up to. You have a darling little family! How fun...Tyrel doesn't have a blog does she? We need to convince her to join the blog world. Good to hear from you, take care!

Natalie said...

So cute! Dont you love those moments with your husband and your kids that arent anything amazing but soooo special? We need to get together (seriously!). Ill try to remember to call you tomorrow. Take care and enjoy those two beautiful boys of yours!

Dee Waite's said...

Glad that you guys had fun!!! Devin was a bumer....well when it somes that those things!!!! The pictures are so cute.