Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life with the Johnsons

Hello to you! 5 months and no posts, no pics...nothing. Can you say slacker?

Life is good. We are happy.

Ok, see you in another 5 months :) My Justin is still working in Cali. We miss him every day. Sometimes {no, always} weekend visits {some less than 24 hrs long} never seem to be enough. Then with 2-3 weeks inbetween in coming home is not so fun either. We are very grateful for the HUGE heart he has been blessed with and the sacrifice he makes on our behalf. It's hard on the boys. It's hard on us. It's just a different challenge in our life that has made us that much stronger.

Short recap. Golly, how many holidays have I missed posting about?! To sum up them all, I'm sure I could say amazing family, awesome food and loads of fun. Throw in someone being sick every other week and there ya have it.

Besides the sick part, we tremendously enjoyed this past holiday season. And have had tons of fun this new year. Nothing beats being surrounded by family and friends. We've been to Cali a couple times and had a trip to Utah too. So add more family fun from our far away family.

I recently won a photo session and edited pics package {ok, it was just announced yesterday}. To enter you had to explain why you think you are lucky. I'll end with my entry:

I feel LUCKY to have 4 wonderful boys in my life. 3 rough, rowdy and completely loveable sons who remind me every day how blessed I am. { I heart those sweet moments that help ALL the other moments worth handling...I'm LUCKY to have lots of those tender mercies with 3 boys!} I have 1 amazing husband who sacrifices so much and works so hard {out of state} so I can raise our boys close to our family here {that includes our super awesome friends who in our hearts are family too}. I am one LUCKY {super blessed} lady!

It was a random drawing but must be LUCKY because I won! Thank you Katie @

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Tyrel said...

Seriously Slacker, Whats wrong with you? Its not like you are pretty much a single parent or anything :) Get to Blogging! Can't wait to see the pics of your cute boys. Come up and see me in SL!!!