Monday, February 1, 2010

First Picture

Here is a post I put together but never posted. So finally here it is a few weeks after the fact. We had our first ultrasound! It went really well. Baby looks healthy and on schedule (a little bigger than to date but not enough to change the estimated due date...we make strong healthy babies). My due date is June 10th but I deliver about two weeks it looks like the end of May sometime. Well see when I'm further along what dates the Dr. gives me.

Oh...we are having a BOY! That makes boy number three! So it's me with all my boys and keeps me as the aunt with all nieces. My youngest is a rough say the I'm happy for a boy. Although I had a lot of PINK wishers and a few that just KNEW it was a girl, it was always in my mind (and my pink wishers') that it was going to be a boy. Uncle Zeke and my oldest son Kaleb were on the blue team from the start.

We are excited and look forward to the crazy life of three rough and tough boys!
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