Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello world!

Hello fellow bloggers...again...finally! Life has been I am sure with everyone. This time of year is so fun. I enjoy having all these holidays right in a row. I know it is so uncool to post without pictures, but you'll have to get over it :0) and be glad I'm blogging! Plus, my computer is actually not hooked up at the moment (reorganizing due to new free desk). I am on Justin's and I only put my pictures on mine...bla bla bla...long story short...hopefully pictures next time.

Halloween and Turkey Day were great! Kaleb absolutely loves all the decorations and lights that have been up due to this triple whammy of holidays. So much in fact that this particular house (which I give mad props to for there effort to light up and standout on the street) has to be driven by any time we are close. Nothing melts my heart more than my boys. Kaleb's reaction, to lights for instance, is well worth going out of the way just to see his face light up. Man, that boy of ours is such a character. With the holidays, I super enjoy being around family (not that it takes a holiday for us to all get together...usually I would say it means we just go MORE all out on our food and dessert choices...yah, I know, YUM). Plus there is nothing more precious to me than creating memories with people I enjoy, love, and make fun of and/or I guess just laugh with...and/or at. I will be honest and say that all aspects of life haven't been all jolly. But in the moments that really do matter most, I know that my family and I are so blessed and so lucky to have one another.

With that said...I'll leave you with a favorite moment.

One day, Justin and Kaleb were playing. Justin asks, as he shakes his fist, "do you want a knuckle sandwich?" Kaleb responds back, as he lifts and shakes his fists, "do you want some peanut butter and jelly?"


Kelly said...

I think my adorable grandson just might be calling you out my dear son, and I think he just might be able to take you. Ha! ha! Love you guys, Mom

Tyrel said...

Upload Disney/Christmas Pics!!!!

The Ballard Family said...

Katrina! I have like, two seconds before my kids go absolutely nuts on me here but i just blog-hopped my way to your blog during a random down moment!
i can't tell you how many times i have thought about you over the past couple of years, wondering how and where you are...i heard you had two boys. they are adorable!
i can't wait to do some back-reading here and see what kind of stuff you've been up to.
if you get a moment, email me:
and i can send you an invite to our blog and we can catch up!
i'm so happy to have found you.